Since 2006

The foundation was birthed in the early years as a Charity organization, which metamorphosed into what is today known and called Toby Jug foundation. It was formally registered in March 2006 to function fully as a non-government, not-for-profit organization.

From the beginning, the foundation has been involved in the upliftment of many down trodden lives which encompasses the disabled, destitute children, widows and invalids who hitherto have given up hope in life.

Listed below are some of our Aims & Objectives.

Founded in the Niger-Delta rich area of Nigeria, Toby Jug Foundation is passionate to alleviate the plights of the many who have been written off by society, raising them to become the next set of champions in the various strata of society.

About Every Woman Counts Initiative

A Non-Government Organization whose main focus is to raise the awareness on the relevance of women in the positive advancement of every sphere of society. Read More


About Gist Media - Magazine/Newspaper

The news media arm of the Toby Jug foundation is involved in the promotion of information dissemination through print publishing. This involves the use of Gist magazine (a bi-monthly publication) and Gist Newspaper. Its objectives are to compliment those of the other arms of the foundation.. Read More


About Prestigious Women's Award

This arm of the Toby Jug Foundation honors deserving women, who have withered the storms to prove their metal in various areas of life. From Housekeeping to the educational sector, to the oil and gas industry to politics and medicine, down even to sciences and technology and the military, this award is bestowed to such champions who have distinguished themselves to become beacons of hope and motivation for younger generations of women to know that they can accomplish what they set their heart to accomplishing even in the face of daunting challenges. Its objectives also fuse into that of the foundation generally, serving as an entity to project the efforts of women in our society. . Read More

Our Vision

Toby Jug Foundation strives to be a world class non-government organization, dedicated to redeeming the vulnerable class of people – women and children from the clutches of neglect, deprivations, violations, inequality, disease and all forms of violence against humanity.


Our Mission

Toby Jug Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit, Non-government organization, dedicated to building a humane and charitable society founded on care, equal opportunity and trust. Creating an enabling environment for the fulfillment of purpose and destiny of the down trodden, especially the women and children through various platforms

Together, help us reach the unreached with your resources, a life saved is a nation saved.